What makes a Rhino Event so successful?

Following on from our previous article in our Rhino VIP Sales Event series, ‘Why we do it better?’ this time we’re discussing ‘What’ makes the sales event so special and how it fulfils the objective to generate a high return on investment by generating footfall and providing a short-term boost to your sales.


The specifics:

Rhino is a fully integrated marketing agency. That means the focus isn’t just the ‘event’, but the marketing communications, the engagement, and the experience to enhance every aspect of the customer’s journey. During an event we focus on 3 main elements:

  • Goal Setting & Preparation
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Coaching & Execution


1, Goal Setting & Preparation

We have a wealth of experience dealing with the most prevalent brands across the UK and Europe. Initially, we will assess your objectives, new or used vehicles and what brand, or combination of brands you will be promoting. The preparation is key to understanding whom to communicate to, and over what time period.

Before creating all the relevant marketing collateral Rhino will evaluate all the planning elements required to process an event to run as smoothly as possible. This is the end-to-end service that many competitors can’t compete with as we alongside your marketing teams, rather than instead of.

We provide a recommendation of parameters for your customer data, based on your objectives to provide the best opportunities to convert, as well as agreeing on an event period to promote. The intention is to secure a 4- day weekend, to focus all dealership resources into, aim to engage your sales teams, and provide an optimum window for appointment to sale.

The next step is to set up each retailer and group with a personalised and bespoke portal.

HALO is an industry tool, created to improve the performance of the sales team, providing advanced lead management, live visibility of data, optimising the sales process and ultimately delivering higher conversion rates. The HALO online booking portal is key to leading your invited guests through a simple yet effective online journey, often automated to prevent double keying, capturing key data, and presenting your teams with a qualified lead to follow up.

The calendar and analytics quite is carefully configured so that your sales teams have ultimate control of the lead, whilst on a group level providing live visibility including key metrics to understand how your teams are performing daily.

If you opt to add ‘Spin to Win’, sales incentives encourage competition, and customer service, with an opportunity to earn rewards for adequate data recording and reporting.

Here are some of the great incentives you could offer:

Track Day Experience, 1 Day Annual Leave, Amazon Gift Card, Bluetooth Speaker, Free Valeting, Air Fryer, £500, Free Lunch, Hamper


Marketing & Communications

With any event or campaign, the marketing and communications are directed at engaging your customers with incentives or bonuses to book and buy during the event period.

You are in control of the communications you send, but we recommend direct mail, an invitation email campaign, a follow-up video campaign, SMS and even social media.  The touchpoints for your customers are carefully curated to create intrigue and encouraging appointments.

Our in-house design team are able to ensure the event collateral is on brand and complies with any CI regulations. The marketing communications are designed for effectiveness and have been carefully created from our experience with customer engagement.

The project teams will be on hand to help with approval and provide key dates for execution, including dates for the direct mail to land and all follow-up materials considering all benchmarks for optimum engagement.

Personalisation is key here – your marketing materials are bespoke to you. The build-up to an event is vital and the extra care we take in our multi-channel approach in the lead-up to the event period allows for follow-up, and qualification.


Execution of the event is the final step in our process.

In the lead-up to an event, a Rhino coach will schedule a workshop to demonstrate the workings of the event including the preparation, communications and execution within the showroom.

This session is designed to run through all of the touchpoints that make the event a success, including the additional qualifications to ensure the customers who attend, also convert.

We’ll talk through our logistics and set up teams in advance of their visit to dress your showrooms with POS, and event kit. Dressing the showroom builds excitement for customers as an enhanced in-person experience helps put customers in the buying mindset, positively reinforcing that this event is the best opportunity to purchase a vehicle.

During the event, our online booking system helps track and record all key data points, including appointments booked, invitations accepted, and vehicles sold will be displayed to you throughout, in real time. As you sell vehicles and customer traffic continues, we will check in to make sure everything is in order, then once the final day closes, we will arrange a visit to take down our event structure from your showroom.

Toyota VIP Event Showroom

All together…

Our sales events help your dealership by creating buying opportunities to influence your customers.

The specifics of our process, make all the difference.

Engaging customers at multiple stages of the buying journey gives us confidence that your event will be a success.

We create the platform for your sales team to take the opportunity to close deals.

Altogether the Rhino event is so successful because our aim to always to provide you with value-added support helping to generate sales in a special way, dedicating time to engage customers with an unforgettable in-showroom experience.


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