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At Rhino Group, we’re always looking to bring our clients the best new tech solutions to enhance their current strategy.

Whether it’s a user-friendly intelligent booking system to compliment your sales event, real-time sales automation for your retailers to catch every lead at an exceptional speed, or you’re wanting to automate customer interactions for a more efficient response and generate more leads via a conversational AI platform, Rhino Group has got the solution!

HALO is an appointment management platform that maximises the sales efficiency & performance of automotive retailers. 

With an intuitive and intelligent dashboard, it’s easy to use, simple to create report from, and best of all it brings results.

Efficiently manage the daily appointments
at your dealership:

Test Drives


AutoChat is a conversational AI platform that helps car dealerships automate their customer interactions and generate more leads.

Using the latest AI technology available, including Chat GPT, AutoChat connects directly to your dealer systems to allow seamless conversations between your dealership and potential customers. 

AutoChat offers you a trainable AI Assistant that is fully customisable to your brand, and has an intuitive Dealer Dashboard.

All this brings you:
20% more leads
200x faster response


Calldrip is the market leader in real-time sales automation, offering a rapid lead response system that puts you directly in contact with the customer, via a phone call, within minutes. In the UK, the average dealer group can take up to 2 hours before responding to a new lead. Calldrip bridges that gap, ensuring prospects are contacted whilst their interest is at it’s peak.

• 95% of consumers start the shopping 
process online
• Consumers narrow results to 
4 or 5 options
• They subconsciously rule out 80% of options based on their impression and customer service
• The first dealership to make phone contact has a 238% better chance at setting an appointment than the second dealership to respond

“After trialling AutoChat and Calldrip, we immediately signed up. No question about it, these products bring sales. We’ve also used the HALO booking system for an event recently and have to applaud the easy-to-use calendar section and instant reporting.
Our team had great feedback and want to use it for all future events.
Group Marketing Manager