As a business, the team at Rhino are continuously looking to evolve, adapt, and invest in developing our product offering.

Investing back into our products and services to maximise the quality and overall delivery of our work is of utmost importance to us. With this in mind and our keen passion to enhance our offering, a new partnership has evolved.


Introducing… GlassTech Window Tint Limited.

Now a Rhino company.

GlassTech is partnering with Rhino and will assist with Rhino’s current print and signage branch of our business.

GlassTech Window Tint are professional window tint installers that take pride in high quality, and attention to detail work. GlassTech’s team, led by Dominic Pomroy, have many years of experience, proven by established business reviews and a host of repeat customers.

GlassTech specialises in commercial and domestic property, automotive and marine tinting, supplying a wide range of specialist high-performance films to suit all needs. The dynamic experience that GlassTech offers, makes the partnership a perfect fit for Rhino.

As Rhino offers similar services and has a large customer base, we felt the partnership will help both parties in acquiring more business and generating a higher standard of product and service.

The origin of GlassTech also appealed to Rhino, with founder Dominic Pomroy, a true entrepreneur, developing the business from his own experience in the industry.

Dominic has built himself a large client base and has worked tirelessly, marketing himself to further develop this client base, all while still delivering a service of high quality, leading to repeat customers and referrals.

Rhino has seen the dedication and enthusiasm Dominic has and it’s our intention to continue building on an already great foundation. As Dominic already has an abundance of knowledge the plan for our future endeavours seems straightforward.

As Rhino is a fully integrated marketing agency, we will be helping Dominic promote his business further taking some of the strain off him. And in return, Dominic will be getting involved with Rhino’s vinyl, window and signage needs. Rhino’s signage work will continue with the addition of Dominic's helping hand.

It’s a win-win!


If you want to enquire about GlassTech and Rhino services, then call or email us.


Check out GlassTech here: