Let's address the elephant in the room... Or should we say Rhino?!

Rhino are not just events.

We're more than just VIP.

In fact, we’re a fully integrated marketing agency, specialising in the Automotive industry.

Established in May 1996, we have over 26 years of experience supporting brands and organisations achieve their goals through innovative marketing solutions.

With the introduction of Rhino Events in 2009 and subsequent success, it’s only fair to say the Rhino Events name has become renowned.

But Rhino are not just events.

Our business has operated under two different guises for several years.

Rhino Group, encompassing our creative, digital and technology divisions, with Rhino Events, as our standalone events business.

So, we’re making things simple.

We are Rhino.

Our social media channels will be shortly changing to We_Are_Rhino.

A diverse agency, offering specialist solutions to drive results for our client base.

Our objective has always been to improve the performance of sales organisations, and we look forward to continuing on our journey with a renewed purpose to ‘Delivering Real Results’ 

Marketing | Events | Technology.