How do we exceed our clients’ expectations?

Here at Rhino, we are constantly challenging ourselves as to how we can exceed our clients’ expectations. When we receive a client enquiry, our first thought is always how can we go above and beyond to deliver more than what is expected of us. Below is an example of how we have achieved this.

We received an enquiry from an existing partner and now client, Direct Affinity.

Their objective was to utilise the power of video in promoting a newly launched technology platform, as part of their service offering.

Introducing GENBA – Generating Business Advantage – a platform designed to ensure that businesses make:

• the right contact
• with the right person
• at the right time
• via the right channel

An initial script was provided by the client to understand the key messaging and deliverables.

Steve, Senior creative has a keen background in animation and creative motion content, and so this was the perfect project to get his creative cogs moving.

Initial Concept.

With his extensive background in animation and creative motion content, Steve produced the initial concept to reduce the amount of written text in the script and replace this with more concise visual animated snippets.

The GENBA Bot was born.

Most animators know how time-consuming and difficult animating arms and legs can be, so, to get around this issue and the time constraints applied, Steve created a robotic form - who floats and allows a much more fluid movement style – breathing life in to the GENBA Bot.

A unique and engaging bespoke character, with animated facial expressions, slick, fluid movement and a wearing a proud branded ‘G’ Icon on its chest.

The GENBA bots’ movement and on-screen interaction, creates a clear visual and engaging experience for the viewer whilst delivering a strong, concise message.

GENBA bot wouldn’t be the star of the show as such, it would act more like a visual tour guide, to help focus the viewers’ attention to key points - whilst still giving the GENBA brand a unique, fun, and original visual style.

Steve initially bounced the concept off Marketing Director Dan Pitt at Direct Affinity.

His Feedback: “I really like your idea – not what I was expecting at all – but it could really stand out”.

A static storyboard was then created, provided to Direct Affinity, and approved.

From this, Steve went ahead with the animation process. This is where we adapted the confirmed static storyboard into a true animated piece, bursting with life and personality!

Using the storyboard as a solid foundation from which to animate, the process was smooth and allowed Steve to produce an outcome that the client was already happy with.

Great feedback always helps!

We’ve worked with Rhino for a while in the automotive retail space and we’d seen that they’d developed their AV capabilities, so it made sense to discuss our latest project with them.

Our new customer service technology GENBA is all about ensuring the right conversation with the right person at the right time (and via the right channel), so while it’s quite a simple proposition, we needed to work with a team that understands the sector – so the team at Rhino were a great fit for our explainer film.

The briefing and development process worked like clockwork, so when it came to the actual creative route taken, there were no surprises and the visuals worked neatly with our script, bringing the idea to life in a memorable and engaging manner.

Moving on to voicing the film and again we had no issues, indeed Rhino were onboard with our drive to ensure that whatever we do has real authenticity – we’re a Northwest firm, so it made sense for us to use a V/O from the area (something that’s been remarked upon positively on several occasions).

From start to finish it’s been a pleasure working with Rhino on this and we’ve ended up with a great asset that’s earning it’s keep on our website, on our social channels and in client presentations. With over 6,500 views to date via social platforms, d it’s the key focus of our technology page on the Direct Affinity Europe Website which is consistently in our top 3 most visited page – which un-coincidently has the longest dwell time of all our site’s pages!

See the finished animation below: