“To attract the best, we need to be the best – and that means offering benefits that add value to each colleague and their lives, both personally and professionally.”.

Helen Wigglesworth, Head of People & Development.

Tell us about yourself and how you ended up leading the Rhino HR team, and why?

I’ve been with the business for almost 13 years. From Business Coordinator to Office Manager, and then onto Commercial Operations Manager; the role of HR Manager seemed a natural progression and is somewhat a perfect fit as I have an excellent understanding of the business and its people. Over the years I’ve always made it a priority to support the needs of our teams, both professionally and personally, and believe myself to be trusted, honest, open and fair.

If you have to use three words to describe the role as Head of HR at Rhino, what would those be?

Exciting. Challenging. Rewarding

In an organisation that’s tech heavy, how do you maintain / achieve that all important personal touch?

It’s easy really. You focus on the individuals and respond accordingly. I ensure a consistent approach to all communication, from learning and development plans with 1-to-1 meetings, or staff recognition including birthdays, work anniversaries and other notable dates. Colleague engagement is key, and to do that it’s important to have a solid HR foundation, which is why we implemented PeopleHR. It offers all the tools to ensure we can offer and support opportunities across the group.

What can HR do to influence the company culture?

It’s the responsibility of every colleague and every department to align themselves with the Core Values and champion them, but none more so than HR. I believe it’s my duty to set an example and ensure colleagues feel the ability to talk to me, as I represent both them and the company. The HR department is instrumental in supporting learning and development, as well as engaging effectively with the team year-round. Therefore playing a vital role in all recruitment. After all, to attract the best, we need to be the best, and that includes offering benefits that add value to each colleague, and their lives both personally and professionally.

Tell me about a time you were successful in driving positive change.

In the midst of a global pandemic, there has never been more need for flexibility, understanding and care across all areas of the organisation.  In the case of HR, the role requires you to be change agent. Not in the sense of being just a conduit of change, but in the sense of planning the right changes that will drive positive value and improve organisational effectiveness, while helping to align strategy and culture. Ask me again in a years’ time.

It’s our people that make the difference.


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