“The creativity of the people within Rhino Group and the direction the company is going in, was a very attractive proposition.”

Harry Boardman, Sales Director UK & Ireland. Group.

What drew you to the role at Rhino?

The creativity of the people within Rhino Group and the direction the company are going in, is a very attractive proposition. A fast-paced working environment and the quote “every day is a different day” is definitely true at Rhino.

Tell us about your role?

As Sales Director, I will be fundamentally managing or new business development and account management teams in the UK & Ireland – That will include introducing Rhino to companies that may not already know what Rhino can offer..

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Approachable, Reliable and Attentive.

What motivates you in your career?

Progressing myself and my team around me.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

A tough question, but I’d say making the decision to take a step away from work and travel for 3 months around South America. What an amazing experience; I visited Argentina, Patagonia, Chile, Bolivia and Peru just before Covid-19 hit. I had to get an emergency flight out of Peru back to the UK before lockdown.

What’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in your career?

Life is full of lessons.

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone holds their hands up. For me its knowing when you are wrong and when you are right.

Treat everyone equally.

If you have a team around you, ask them for advice. Life is tough on your own.

Can you give us a little insight into your passions outside of work?

My girlfriend has recently bought a café in the high peak, which has been a full renovation job. So, for the past two months it’s been renovating / upcycling anything and everything! The café is called Door34 in New Mills, so if you find yourself in the area do pop in for a coffee and cake!

Tell us one fun fact about yourself?

When I was growing up, David Beckham was my idol, as I am sure he was for 99% of males born in the early 90s!

Well… when I was in primary school, I got approached to play a young David Beckham in an ITV documentary all about golden balls.

I was told to meet on a football pitch in Manchester, where a film crew filmed me whipping free kicks into the goal, doing keep ups, dribbling and so on.

The documentary aired on prime time only for ITV to decide I looked nothing like David Beckham, so they blurred my face out I was gutted. But a fun experience, non the less.

Dream 3 Car Garage OR Dream 3 Multi-Centre holiday destinations?

Ferrari 250 GT California
Aston Martin DB5 (Bond, James Bond)
The Scooter from Quadrophenia

And finally – what’s your biggest pet peeve?

People littering.

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