When you’re in the business of supplying the world’s rarest and most exceptional cars, every element of the customer experience needs to meet exacting standards. That’s why Marshall Mercedes of Southampton called on Rhino.

Marshall Mercedes were clear that the car, a Mercedes AMG GT, needed to be the star of the show at its handover, so they made one call, to Rhino. The Rhino team custom built and installed the lighting, staging and truss work and were on hand through the entire process to support the Marshall Mercedes staff.

Gemma Rolf, General Sales Manager at Marshall Mercedes Southampton said,

“The team from Rhino were a great support in the handover process and the complete experience for our customer. It took just one call, they understood exactly what we needed and executed it to the letter … I couldn’t be happier with the service they provided”.

This is just one example of the work Rhino are providing to the UK and European automotive sector. You may know Rhino from its VIP and showroom sales events, but they are much more.


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Photograph credits: https://www.colbeanu.com