The way we consume information is changing. If content is king, then video content is the emperor.

Visual content, like video, is an easy-to-digest format, providing a much more absorbing experience that written content. It’s, therefore, not hard to see why across the globe, we reportedly consume over a BILLION hours of YouTube videos per day.

Video marketing is essential in humanising your business, and keeping your target audience engaged with your brand, product, or services.

Here at Rhino, we can produce quality video and animation, suited to capitalising on the opportunities created by our 'thirst' for moving image.

See what we recently created for our client, Holdcroft Group.

The client in preparation for a recruitment drive, wanted to tell their story, in a much more engaging and effective manner, utilising colleague interviews and snippets across their business.

So, if you aren’t using Video to market your business, should you consider it?
The answer is a definitive, YES!

What are the benefits of Video Marketing?

1, Greater Conversion Rates

According to WordStream, simply by placing a video on a landing page can increase the conversion rate by 80%. Meanwhile, including a video in an email can boost the click-through rate by 200%-300%.

2, Enhanced Search Engine Rankings

Videos can help you achieve a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs.
Videos are a powerful weapon in the hands of an SEO expert. They don’t impact the rankings directly but give your website a better chance of improving them.

3, Better Customer Connection

Videos evoke emotions online better than any other medium. You can use the tone of voice, music, and facial expressions to your advantage. This marketing tool can help humanize your brand.

4, Increased Brand Awareness

Videos do an excellent job boosting brand awareness, which is an integral part of your marketing campaign. You can use a video to tell a company story, arrange employee interviews, and share behind-the-scenes footage.

5, Superior Engagement

Videos have an extremely high social share potential. Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Meanwhile, videos on a Facebook page increase user engagement by 33%. Simply using the word “video” in the subject line can boost the open rate of your email by 13%.

See some examples of our recent work here:

If video marketing hasn't become an integral part of your campaign yet, it's time to welcome its benefits. The high ROI of this approach can help you achieve excellent marketing results.

For more information about video marketing and the way it can help your business, please contact us today.