When Rhino was founded in 1996, it was apparent to everyone, even then, that we were destined to succeed. To thrive, to grow and to embody a spirit of innovation.

Grow we did; over the years, steadily expanding to become a fully-fledged integrated marketing agency and one of Europe’s largest Automotive Event specialists, powered by a passionate team across five key divisions…

- Brand
- Marketing
- Events
- Digital
- POS & Signage

…and united by dedication and ingenuity.

The Rhino of now, has of course seen great change. We lead, we grow, we improve, we inspire. We collaborate with one another, our customers, partners and with the world around us.

Today our drive and entrepreneurial spirit has led us to reimagine how we want to tell our story, taking the opportunity to evolve our brand, as we look to an exciting future.

The Rhino of yesterday has evolved to become the Rhino of today. A new logo, a new icon, and a new way to express who we are.

Visit https://rhinogroup.co.uk for more.