Build long-lasting relationships with a new generation of immersive video streaming...

Rhino in partnership with GardX are proud to deliver a new generation of immersive video streaming solutions. Therefore, helping build long lasting relationships in a world of ‘Social Distancing’ and ‘Virtual Viewings’.

What is KwikCast?

  • An industry first, Live ‘in-call’ video streaming service.
  • Activated with a simple, SMS link, with no app or download requirements.
  • Real time vehicle demonstration and ‘reverse-feed’ appraisal tool.

What makes KwikCast different?

  • It’s a unique video streaming solution with no app or website deployment by the customer. Kiwkcast does not currently have a ‘none download’ competitor.
  • Quick and simple one-way video. KiwkCast is engaged by a simple two click activation to all IOS and Android devices.
  • Present live from anywhere, with the added ability to record audio & video.
  • Fully GDPR compliant. Therefore, the retailer cannot store the customers details on the device.

To arrange a demo, or to find out more contact:

T: 0161 330 1661