Focusing on Sustainable Paper and Print Material

As we learn more about the impact of the automotive industry on the environment and the changes we see developing in the industry. We only see right to change with it.

Over the past few years, we have seen a big shift into Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. This is only one part of the story though as there is so many other components which go into the future and the sustainability of the automotive sector.

For us this has highlighted the paper use we see within the industry.

As we are concerned about our carbon footprint and environmental impact, we have now decided to get ISO14001 accreditation from The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) whose sole purpose is to promote environmentally appropriate management of the world’s forests.

Being a large producer of direct mail and promotional print material, we want to keep transparency and align correctly with the industry we are so invested in. Due to us producing a lot of paper material on behalf of our clients we wanted to keep not only our ethics but the ethics of our customers too.

This certificate shows the dealerships we work with and the customers they have that the paper they use comes from sustainable sources. Being ISO14001 accredited means we as a business demonstrate year on year reductions in both waste and energy usage. This at a minimum requires that two trees are planted for every tree that is felled. The FSC accreditation provides full traceability of all of paper from the forest, sawmill, pulping plant, and paper making.

This provides further reassurance that the paper is not a result of illegal deforestation and that it is importantly ethically produced, all FSC business are audited externally to ensure that there is no slave or child labour involved and employees are working in a safe environment.

On behalf of our customers, we have partnered with the Woodland Trust in the UK.

Contributions to the scheme so far have resulted in over 14,000 square metres of native woodland (that’s over 70 tennis courts) being planted here in the UK, which equates to removing 543,000 kgs of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere.

If you would like to ready more about the FSC and all the work they do then be sure to check them out here:

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