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We understand that email is a critical component of your marketing strategy, but it’s not always easily executed. With the right email service, you can quickly and easily create engaging campaigns that resonate with your audience. Rhino’s robust step-by-step email development process helps you to plan and deliver amazing email campaigns.

Reaching out to your customers utilising email can be difficult and takes a coordinated effort. You would benefit from database segmentation, real-time click-through to landing pages and compelling calls to action to orchestrate a winning campaign across all channels, devices, and screens. These capabilities, integrated and working together as they do with Rhino email campaigns, create consistent customer experiences that drive an impressive return on investment.

Email marketing remains an important piece of marketing communication and marketers recognise this. One of the greatest opportunities for email marketing is the ability to design messaging to the recipient’s needs and profile, providing relevant offers or content at the right time, aligned to the customers buying cycle or timing of events. Marketers who take a more strategic approach to email marketing and use data to drive more precisely targeted campaigns will achieve greater results.

Internal resources, return on investment and need for engaging content production make frequency of emails an essential strategic consideration. But it should not be the starting point of your campaign. Interesting and relevant content in the emails is important in order to increase conversion ratios. Without the right content, senders risk losing subscribers and customer engagement when increasing volumes and frequency of email contact.

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