If you’re local to Hyde, you’re likely to have seen the life size Rhino sculpture, elevated high onto the side of Rhino Group HQ, on Clarendon Street.

The Rhino has become quite the feature across the town, often used as a backdrop for photographs with numerous requests for personalised messages to be displayed across the front.
As a local business, we recently decided to harness the influence of our ‘Rhino’, as part of our mission to support ‘Sandwich Angels’ – if you don’t know who they are, then read on.

Sandwich angels are a local community group based right here in Hyde. Founded by Christina Howard, Sandwich Angels Community are a group of unpaid volunteers, selflessly distributing food parcels to families, elderly and the vulnerable. Many volunteers go out late at night in all weathers, dedicating their time to help others less fortunate and often spend time to chat to many people whilst delivering food parcels to many families, around Tameside and Manchester.

Relying solely on public donations, including food and food vouchers, the group have no additional government funding nor commercial partners, and many of the volunteers are retired or active civil servants, teachers, nurses, doctors, and students.

The team at Rhino, are now asking for your help in supporting the work they do.

If you’re looking to dedicate a message to a loved one, be it a birthday, or other event, we would ask that you donate to the cause. For every personalised message, we’re asking for a £20 donation of Supermarket Food Vouchers. They can be from any Supermarket of your choice.

Your donations will not only make a loved one very happy, but you’ll be helping support the purchase of key supplies, including groceries, diary products, tins, fresh and frozen foods, fruit, and vegetables, and treats for children.

How does it work?

Get in touch on enquiries@rhinogroup.co.uk

Let us know the message you would like to add on the Rhino, and the dates you require.

Pop into Rhino Group HQ, with your supermarket voucher donation.

We will confirm your details, and fit the personalised message, which will be on display for 7 days from your chosen date.


Thank you for all your support.

For Events, head over to : https://www.rhinoevents.com

For Group, head over to : https://rhinogroup.co.uk